SQL 2005 Cyclical Forwarding

Published on 05 September 2008

Just a quick one about a SQL 2005 message that I found; I've also found quite a few unanswered questions about it on other forums so thought it might be worth posting here.

In the SQL Agent Log, this message was turning up a few times a day:

\[LOG\] Cyclical forwarding detected for event <n>: Event source was 'YourServer' which matches the current forwarding server.    
The event was not forwarded

The message appeared for various differrent event numbers.

It turns out that Sql Server Event Forwarding was turned on, and the server was forwarding to itself.

If you get this message, simply turn off event forwarding by right-clicking on SQL Server Agent and choosing Properties. Go to the Advanced section and you will see something like this:

... then simply uncheck the checkbox that says 'Forward events to a different server'.

I guess this is pretty obvious, but the interesting question is how that that box get ticked in the first place? In this case, it was on a server that had recently been upgraded from SQL 2000, so I'm wondering if this setting was 'configured' by a bug during the upgrade process?